Account Badges

There are different types of badges that you will see in some user's profile. we separate badges type by a [ ].

  • MEMBER: Represents "Client", "You" and "Your"
  • TEAM & MANAGER: Represents "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", "Our" and "Us"

  • Professional [ Member ]
  • Developer [ Team ]
  • Community [ Manager ]
  • Moderator [ Team ]
  • Translator [ Member ]
  • Graphics [ Member ]
  • Promoter [ Member ]
  • Partner [ Member ]

  • Professional [ Member ]

    The Professional [ Member ] badge will be automatically given to users who upgrades to a professional account.
    This badge is being controlled by the system and will be remove when a user's account has been downgraded.

    Developer [ Team ]

    The fumigram developer [ Team ] are people responsible for developing the fumigram community.

    This team members proceed with developing, maintaining and organizing the backend code.
    Including fixing bugs, adding new features and making sure that fumigram is free bugs and running smoothly.

    Please feel free to message us if you find any bugs that need fixing.

    Community [ Manager ]

    Community [ Manager ] is a member who manage and ensure the safety and use of

    This person is in charge of overseeing the overall activities that goes on in the company.
    He/she also manages the community moderators with any other role assigned to users in the fumigram company.

    Moderator [ Team ]

    Moderator [ Team ] are people responsible for moderating users, posts, comments, and approving users verification.

    This are also team members that manages the website and decided what stays and goes according to our terms.
    They will manage users who use this service and govern the activities that users take. for example: a user upload a post that goes against the terms of use will be deleted by them when found. they will also disable a user account when user is constantly being reported. this team members will not take action against your account without an appropriate reason.

    Translator [ Member ]

    Translator [ Member ] are members who voluntary help with the translation of website language to other languages

    They will voluntary help with correcting errors or misspelled in the site languages by messaging our offical account or sending us a mail in our contact us form with the language bug or errors you find.

    Please don't take this action if it's not a valid language error. you can include a screenshot if deemed necessary.
    Anyone and everyone can have this badge if they report a few language bugs or errors in the community's language.

    Graphics [ Member ]

    Graphics [ Member ] also knows as Graphics Content Creators is a very important badge that will be given to anyone who uses the fumigram Logo or Name to create something beautiful. you can design anything in animated format using us.

    Members who creates and design graphical content using us, we as a whole will have to submit their design
    via email if they want to have the badge on their profile page. you can also create a post while mentioning us in your post.

    We will take a look at it. we do not select what is good and bad but we will not accept content containing nsfw
    and other related content as stated on our post being deleted terms. please see to that before creating any designs.

    Promoter [ Member ]

    Promoters [ Member ] is a badge given to users who voluntary invite their friends and other to join us here on fumigram.

    Anyone who's willing to promote/Advertise or invite their friends and others to join us on fumigram will receive a badge.

    Please contact our community moderators by messaging them to request for this badge as they will be responsible for giving out this badge to anyone & everyone.

    By off chance you can't contact them feel free to send us a message via fumigram and we will issue you the badge.

    Partner [ Member ]

    Partner [ Member ] this badge is for other companies or businesses that Partner with us.

    Anyone and everyone can have this badge when they are our Partners. please read our advertising partners privacy policies. we will Partner up with other companies and organizations that wants to become our friend. we welcome it :)

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