Signing up

Username already Taken

I tried to register but It says username is already taken why?

Well as it says the username that you were using has already been used by another person but there are lots of spaces for new usernames. it's highly recommended that you use another name or contact us.

We will check to see if that user account is a dummy or a fake account. we will not take any action if that account is not a fake or dummy account. please keep that in mind.

I tried creating an account using other mails for example [email protected] but the system says to signup using only. why is that?

We do not accept any other mailing services except this is to prevent fake emails and spam accounts.
The system has been purposely set to filter other mailing services. we are not removing this settings for the time being.

Did not recieve activation code?

After creating my account I did not activation an code can I ask why?

Activation code is 6 in numbers. Something like this 57392

We highly recommended that you check your inbox or spam folder for the activation code!
the probability of not receiving an activation code is very low but if you do come across that then don't hesitate to send us an email. we will also take more steps in preventing that from happening so do contact us if you fail to get your code.

We will send you an activation code.

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