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Frequently Asked Questions

Gives you the ability to use a gif picture in your profile page.

Get your profile page featured in every important pages of fumigram. This could be very useful for getting more followers on your profile and having more people visit your page on a regular basics.

You can promote your post with this energy by boosting it. All promoted post will be displayed at the very top of your feed & timeline. Take note that all your boost post will be visible for 3 days as the default but it is possible to increase the day and time by buying extra boost time in your inventory.

Your affiliate credits will be doubled x2 when new users join fumigram with your affiliate link.

Fumigram's profile page provides you with different page styling. You can change how your profile style looks by changing it's name.

There's a watermark on all images you upload if you're a free member of fumigram but with a premium membership all watermark will be removed from any image you upload. Please note that watermark on images will be automatically resized based on the quality of the image. In order words bad image quality means large image watermark.

The points you earn will be doubled x2 with any point earning activities you perform. Limited to only premium members

Your account storage is limited as a free member of fumigram and when such limit is reached your ability to post will be null and void. However you can prevent such a thing from happening by upgrading your account with our premium membership. We can't have too much free lunches now can we? if you aggree with me join our discord with ziz Link and say HI

You will be able to change your profile banner as long as your premium membership is activated.
An Icon will be displayed at the top of your profile banner. You can use that to change your banner.

We know you might not like your current username or you just want to change it. We have you covered on that. With our premium membership you can do just that. Keep in mind that you can only update your username once every 30 days.

You can only promote up to 9 posts when you activate premium as long as you have a boost in your account.
That's the standard limit count for promoting posts. All promoted post will only last for 3 days but you can alter that by buying a boost timer. Please take note that there's only 1 item in stock per person. That means you can only buy this item only once.

We will reward you with 5,000 extra points with you activate a premium plan.

You can request to have your profile page verified by fumigram when you activate premium.
Take note that your verification request will take a few days. 3 days at most to be reviewed and answered.

The business account provides you with extra settings on your account page with more ways for people to reach you.